The true 'Social House'

111 Social House is a true “social house”, a must-go destination for those who want to dine, socialize, and have fun in an easy-going atmosphere.  Set in a uniquely natural setting that combines a beach and a garden with a well-decorated classic Hua Hin house.

Combine all that with interactive activities available indoors and outdoors, and you can chill and hang out at 111 Social House at any time of day.

Monday – Thursday : 08.00 – 16.00 hrs. Only Coffee and Cake

                                   16.00 – 22.00 hrs. Full Service
Friday – Sunday :
08.00 – 22.00 hrs. Full Service

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Our Pillars


Introducing a trend-conscious food and beverage concept. Food selection evolves throughout the day, such as morning homemade bakery along with healthy and well-balanced dishes, all of the highest quality and respectful of each food type’s tradition.  Beverage selection likewise evolves throughout the day and includes offerings such as a great homemade brew programme featuring champagne yeast house sodas, flavoured kombucha, Thai craft beer, and rose wine, while at the end of the day choices include sweet wines, ports, and cigars. But no matter the time of day, homemade items are integral to the trend-conscious concept.


Reminding you of Hua Hin’s classic, elite lifestyle. A beach, a lush garden, and a vintage 100-year-old house all rolled into one in a vibrant setting.

Each step forward reveals a new layer of grand attention to detail, ranging from decor to various experiential elements. This isn’t your typical café where you come, take a few photos, and then leave. To the contrary, as you stay, your experience and enjoyment elevate.


Meet our team.  They are knowledgeable and can always make suggestions and recommendations, and even share insights on the food and drinks available.  They will occasionally come and interact with you, whether it’s casual chit-chat or assisting with activities and games. Overall, they are welcoming, respectfully friendly, and always make you feel right at home as well as free to stay and hang out for an extended period of time.


We don’t keep you busy; rather, we keep you happy while you relax in our chilled-out atmosphere and feel. You need only select your favourite activity, such as outdoor games or interacting with our baristas and mixologists for some drinking fun. There are also classes that are creative and interesting. The service style is friendly and interactive, with some surprises thrown in every now and then, all within a jazzy and bossa nova music vibe. Pet owners, take note: we have fun and games for your four-legged friends, ranging from training camps to lawn activities.


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